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Trellis Structures

Homeowners: Our pergolas are created to meet your individual space requirements. We can accommodate a large variety of custom sizes. These photographs show just a few examples of what is available. Choose from one of our existing designs or let us design a pergola to suit your specific needs. Each pergola is quoted per individual specifications. Our design team is easy to contact and will assist you by answering any questions you may have. Please call 888-285-4624 or email sales@trellisstructures.com with your style and size requests.
Architects and Professional Designers: We are often consulted on projects prior to the bidding process to help resolve the engineering required for a large variety of pergola and treillage applications. Whether it's to determine an initial square footage price or to design a base bracket capable of withstanding extreme wind loads or seismic conditions, we are interested in working with you to ensure a successful outcome for your commercial and residential projects.
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Classic Column Pergola

Classic Column Pergola

These garden structures incorporate round Tuscan columns for their vertical supports. While the diameter, spacing and number of columns may vary, the overall look is consistently classical.
Rooftop and Terrace Pergola

Rooftop and Terrace Pergola

A rooftop pergola, engineered to safely attach to the roof or terrace, creates an extention to an urban living space.
Commercial Pergola

Commercial Pergola

From Florida to California we have designed and engineered dozens of structures in commercial settings for shopping malls, hospitals, colleges, hotels and municipalities.
Contemporary/Transitional Pergola

Contemporary/Transitional Pergola

We look forward to exploring new ideas, new materials and new engineering solutions to produce innovative garden structures.
Traditional Post and Bracket Pergola

Traditional Post and Bracket Pergola

The design most commonly associated with a garden pergola is the flat roof structure supported by posts and stabilized using brackets and arches.
Asian Style Pergola

Asian Style Pergola

Whether it is the traditional designs of China or contemporary Japanese garden structures, the simplicity of the Asian style pergola works very well within the natural elements.
Shade Pergola

Shade Pergola

Additional shade can be created in a number of ways and in a variety of styles, while still maintaining a light filled space.
Pergolas with Acrylic Panel Inserts

Pergolas with Acrylic Panel Inserts

We've designed several projects, residential and commercial, incorporating acrylic panels. This material comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.
Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

These outdoor kitchen pergolas help to define an area for cooking and dining by creating an open-air structure. They can be designed in any number of styles and sizes.
Modular Pergola

Modular Pergola

Modular pergolas are available in three distinctive designs and in any number of sections to expand the length of the pergolas.
Attached Pergola

Attached Pergola

Often over a deck or patio, creating a transition from the house to the open air of an outdoor living room or barbeque area, the attached pergola can be designed to match the style of your house.
Garage Pergola

Garage Pergola

Four garage pergola configurations are offered to satisfy different space requirements. As with all of our designs, the garage pergolas can be customized to accommodate any restrictions.

Architectural Pergolas and Pergola Kits
We have created many pergola designs, in conjunction with other garden structures such as garden screens and privacy lattice, incorporating a variety of styles, sizes and materials.
Our cedar pergola line has been developed as pergola kits that can easily be made into custom pergolas to satisfy individual requirements.
We use only the finest A & Better, kiln dried, vertical grain Western Red Cedar for these wood pergolas.
Whether it is a patio pergola for shade or a garden pergola for plants, we look forward to designing and creating your garden structure.

Our backyard project is complete and I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the pergola. We could not be happier with the entire process, from design to installation.
As you know, I was initially reluctant to purchase the pergola without having a designer see the location and without examining the materials and construction first hand. However, you readily answered all questions, produced detailed drawings for our review and revision, and offered suggestions which resulted in a pergola that perfectly fits our space.
Production and delivery was timely and instructions for treating and installation were thorough.
Our carpenter was very impressed with the quality of the structure, the precision of it's components and how easily it was assembled.
The cedar is very high quality with beautiful grain.
The pergola is the centerpiece of our project and it's simply beautiful.
Ginny M.
Hi David,
Just wanted to drop you a note on the pergola that your team built. We installed the footers and installed the pergola this week. With the craftsman- ship your team did for us I must tell you that a first grade student could have installed it. Wow, it was truly amazing the way everything went together from the plans, design, and craftsmanship.
I cannot express how impressed my company and workers are with your work. The customer is 100% satisfied and so are we. Please share this with all involved.
You and your team will be the only one's we turn to for future pergolas. I knew from our first conversation that I had a strong feeling we were heading in to the right direction and you guys sure proved this.
Have a wonderful day.
Thank you,
W. Bickel
David and Patricia,
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love the pergola!
This was something I have wanted for quite some time, yet my husband was a tough sell. He loves it! Very impressed with the design, quality, and craftsmanship.
We had happy hour under it last night. Somehow, the cheap wine tasted better. Must have been the scent of cedar!
Thanks again,
New York
Hi David and Patricia,
We love the cantilevered pergola you designed for us! We constructed the pergola over the weekend and finished pouring concrete on Monday, and already our neighbors are telling us how much they like it. We've also received numerous compliments on the beautiful arched opening you designed for us.
The installation instructions were thorough and easy to follow, and we're definitely glad we waited until the very end to cement the posts. Our next tasks are clean up, staining, and landscaping.
Thanks again for all your support and for creating such a great design! I can't wait for you to see the finished product.
D. and W. Hungarter
Classic Column Pergola
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CP 1. Classic Column Pergola CP 2. Classic Column Pergola CP 3. Classic Column Pergola
CP 4. Classic Column Pergola CP 5. Classic Column Pergola CP 6. Classic Column Pergola
CP 7. Classic Column Pergola CP 8. Classic Column Pergola CP 9. Classic Column Pergola
CP 10. Classic Column Pergola    
Commercial Pergola
Click on photos for further details
CPG 1. Commercial Pergola CPG 2. Commercial Pergola CPG 3. Commercial Pergola
CPG 4. Commercial Pergola CPG 5. Commercial Pergola CPG 6. Commercial Pergola
CPG 7. Commercial Pergola CPG 8. Commercial Pergola CPG 9. Commercial Pergola
Post and Bracket Pergola
Click on photos for further details
BP 1. Post and bracket pergola BP 2. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 3. Post and Bracket Pergolas
BP 4. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 5. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 6. Post and Bracket Pergola
BP 7. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 8. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 9. Post and Bracket Pergola
BP 10. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 11. Post and Bracket Pergola BP 12. Post and Bracket Pergola
Shade Pergola
Click on photos for further details
SP 1. Shade Pergola SP 2. Shade Pergola SP 3. Shade Pergola
SP 4. Shade Pergola SP 5. Shade Pergola SP 6. Shade Pergola
SP 7. Shade Pergola SP 8. Shade Pergola SP 9. Shade Pergola
SP 10. Shade Pergola    
Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
Click on photos for further details
KP 1. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola KP 2. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola KP 3. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
KP 4. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola KP 5. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola KP 6. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
Attached Pergola
Click on photos for further details
AP 1. Attached Pergola AP 2. Attached Pergola AP 3. Attached Pergola
AP 4. Attached Pergola AP 5. Attached Pergola AP 6. Attached Pergola
AP 7. Attached Pergola AP 8. Attached Pergola AP 9. Attached Pergola
Rooftop and Terrace
Click on photos for further details
RP 1. Rooftop Pergola RP 2. Rooftop Pergola RP 3. Rooftop Pergola
RP 4. Rooftop Pergola RP 5. Rooftop Pergola RP 6. Rooftop Pergola
RP 7. Rooftop Pergola    
Click on photos for further details
CTP 1. Contemporary Pergola CTP 2. Contemporary Pergola CTP 3. Contemporary Pergola
CTP 4. Contemporary Pergola CTP 5. Contemporary Pergola CTP 6. Contemporary Pergola
CTP 7. Contemporary Pergola CTP 8. Contemporary Pergola CTP 9. Contemporary Pergola
CTP 10. Cantilevered Pergola CTP 11. Contemporary Pergola CTP 12. Contemporary Pergola
CTP 13. Contemporary Pergola    
Asian Style Pergola
Click on photos for further details
ASP 1. Asian Style Pergola ASP 2. Asian Style Pergola ASP 3. Asian Style Pergola
ASP 4. Asian Style Pergola ASP 5. Asian Style Pergola ASP 6. Asian Style Pergola
ASP 7. Asian Style Pergola
Acrylic Panel Inserts
Click on photos for further details
APP 1. Pergola with Acrylic Panels APP 2. Pergola with Acrylic Panels APP 3. Pergola with Acrylic Panels
Modular Pergola
Click on photos for further details
MP 1. Modular Pergola MP 2. Mission Modular Pergola Modular Pergola
Garage Pergola
Click on photos for further details
GP 1. Garage pergola, trellises GP 1. Garage pergola CP 2. Garage pergola
GP 3. Garage pergola GP 4. Garage pergola, Manchester

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